About the author

I own and run this website, however this wouildn’t be possible without many organization which made this possible.

I am currently a student at Alec Reed Academy. This website was built with Hugo with the Xmag theme.

On this website you may find:

  • incomplete, badly edited posts
  • drafts for future/ongoing projects
  • tutorials
  • rants
  • misc.

I host many services here, some visible to the public, some not. To mention a few:

  • The “main” website (ala www.), which is where your reading now?
  • The “social” area which is where I run my own social federated network, which is currently mastodon. This is a private instance for myself to test festures (and as such is usually offline), so you cant register here. Sorry.
  • The “proxy” joke which is a mini-expriment to bypass filters.
  • The “code” zone which is a work-in-progress to create a read-only git mirror of my code/-docs/git releated projects, currently running GitLab
  • The “file” junk is soon to be™ a place to download binaries and one-off files from the code zone.

I run Linux (What is Linux?) on almost all my machines, for desktops/laptops I recommend Solus, I aim to be a Linux system administrator.

To contact me please follow this link.

For legal issues please use the form at PrivacyGuardian, I will not get them otherwise.